Top Seal Solutions

Cool Pak and the Bunzl Agriculture Group have developed a complete solution for your top seal needs.     We are helping customers everyday transition out of their legacy packaging by providing a family of tubs, film options and industry tested machines solutions.    We are a proven one stop solution for all Top Seal packaging projects.

Top Seal was created to be easily integrated into existing operations to help companies who are ready to move into a tub and lidding film solution. We’ve bundled everything together so you don’t have to worry about handling a variety of vendors and incur custom tooling expenses to get your project off the ground.  Cool Pak can move quickly on all elements of your project to meet critical launch dates.

Our comprehensive tub, film and lidding machine solution includes a traysealing machine and a complete line of ready to use produce tubs or punnets. Our film solutions include a wide variety of printed lidding film options such as onetime release film or highly popular resealable film offered in several configurations.       We help certify your film in our in-house prototype and testing lab prior to launch as well as can offer on-site support for the launch of your new traysealer. Our world class in-house graphics team works with can work with you to ensure your film impression layout is accurate and make sure your branding goals are met.


Our machine solutions are configured to meet the customer’s specific requirements to ensure seamless integration into a new or existing production environment, either as a stand-alone machine or part of a fully automated packaging line. Beyond traysealers, we can help you integrate critical components like tub/tray denesting, material handling, inspection systems to verify weight and detect foreign objects, and a variety of printing and labeling solutions.  Reliability, durability and comprehensive technical support make bundle solutions an efficient and reliable solution for your packaging operation.   Our bundle offering can provide a financing solution to pay for your equipment through the purchase of your packaging supply.

Tub and Punnet Materials Supported

Our traysealer solution securely seals tubs and punnets made of PET/RPET, Polypropylene, corrugated, fiber, aluminum, fiberboard, foam and other materials.

Tub and Lidding Film Solutions

  • Consumer appeal
  • Easy peel & reseal film options
  • Increased branding area
  • Environmentally friendly – less waste
  • Stacks well
  • Protects product
  • More SKUs per case
  • Easy stacking
  • A variety of tub material options including PET, PP, Corrugated, Paperboard, Fiber and more

Key Equipment Benefits

  • High production output and pack quality
  • Individually tailored solutions
  • Designed for long service life
  • Meets FSMA hygiene and food safety requirements
  • Pioneering ergonomics and user-friendliness
  • Maximum output with minimum footprint
  • Quick tool and die strike changeover

Lidding Film Options

  • General purpose lidding film for single peal application
  • Resealable film
  • OTR/MAP & Anti-fog film options
  • Custom scoring and perforation options
  • Tamper-evident film features
  • High impact graphic surface

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