Shelf Life Extension

Better Arrivals and Shelf Life Improvement

The Cool Pak team has been working closely with produce growers, shippers and retailers for decades and we are regularly presented with the challenge of how we can help our customers achieve better arrivals and achieve longer shelf life.  Shelf Life Improvement continues to evolve. We have a variety of methods that have been used for decades and are actively and continually seeking out and exploring new technologies.

Shelf Life Improvement Solutions include

Improved Packaging Design – During the package design, prototyping and testing phase we work closely with our clients to ensure the package design has taken into consideration the nature of the produce being shipped.

Modified Atmosphere and Ventilation – We have worked with clients on a variety of modified atmosphere solutions that range from laser micro-perforation to custom venting patterns.

Moisture Management – Too much or too little moisture creates challenges for the fruits and vegetables during shipment and storage.   We have existing as well as new designs and solutions under development.

Ethylene Management– Ethylene can have a devastating effect on many types of fruits and vegetables, and we have a growing number of solutions that can help reduce and manage the effects of ethylene.

For more information on any of these solutions, please contact us to learn more.