Cool Pak, LLC

Traceability Solutions

In 2006, Cool Pak launched a traceability solution with a key customer and technology provider in the strawberry industry. This Product ID Solution (PID) can provide the produce supply chain and ultimately consumers with detailed information about where, when and who packed their produce package down to a single consumer pack level.

Cool-Pak is the only major clamshell provider in the US to successfully implement a complete large-scale traceability program for fresh produce in the 2007 season. We explored and evaluated multiple traceability options available to growers and packers. Based on our experience and research we are fully prepared to adapt our operation to your chosen traceability information management supplier. We are also devoting significant resources to improving these systems to drive down costs and increase efficiency.

A Sample Program

For example, we implemented a large scale program with a major California strawberry company.

The solution combines traditional packs used for field packing strawberries which include the 1 lb., 2 lb, Long Stem, 8 oz., and 4 lb. packs with a labeling system that uniquely identifies each strawberry clamshell. The clamshells are made with highly recyclable PET material and the traditional grower/shipper label is applied on top with the UPC/Trace label on the bottom to avoid reducing the branding effectiveness of the primary display label.

The traditional PMA UPC code is augmented by this unique number system, which is printed using a variable print digital technology.

Traceability Solutions Barcode

As the clamshells are distributed in the field for packing they are scanned using hand held scanners traditionally used by growers for payroll tracking. The software used for the launch was developed by a company called Agricultural Data Systems (ADS located in Laguna Nigel, California. The data is uploaded daily and made available on-line (if requested) at the web site shown on the label.

The solution requires cooperation among the growers, shippers, and packaging manufacturing and a commitment at the highest levels within the organization.

Cool Pak shipped over 30 million units of Strawberry PID so far in 2007.

For more details, please contact Cool-Pak to have an account manager present our packaging traceability options and capabilities.