Cool Pak, LLC

The Cool Pak Story

Cool Pakís staff combines decades of experience in agriculture and packaging with a long family history of manufacturing and distribution in California. This unique blend of skills and expertise makes Cool Pak a very capable and knowledgeable resource for growers and shippers of many different types of produce.

As a key supplier of packaging to dozens of growers, shipper, repackers and other food suppliers, Cool Pak strives to become an extension of our customerís packaging team. As a member of your team it is our charter to ensure that your commitment to a high quality packaging program is not only achieved, but exceeded. Not only that, but each of our team members are available to assist you in developing new packaging solutions as your market evolves.

About Our Products

Cool Pak is committed to innovation in the design and production of all of our packaging solutions. We value customer feedback on new and existing designs as we continually seek to provide the very best in packaging for the very best of your produce.

We employ the very latest technology in our design and manufacturing processes to ensure a reliable supply of high performance packaging.

At Cool Pak we produce our clamshells primarily from Recycled PET plastic (RPET.) At least 85% of every clamshell is formed from RPET. At your request, we can form clamshells from 100% RPET. We can also form many of our products from corn-based biodegradable PLA plastic. Be sure to discuss these options with your sales representative.

About You

We are eager to prove to you the unique value of working with Cool Pak on all of your packaging solutions. Please contact us at and give us the opportunity to apply our knowledge and resources to your specific needs.