Cool Pak, LLC

Label Solutions

At Cool Pak we offer a wide variety of custom labeling solutions to our customers, including: label design, label purchasing, label inventory management, label application in numerous label formats, and label applicator design and installation.

Cool Pak purchases and applies over 400 million labels annually and has extensive expertise in label design and application. This expertise translates directly into benefits to our customers in terms of volume-based cost savings, labeling accuracy, improved branding, and inventory efficiencies. Our labeling equipment is continually being upgraded to ensure our customers’ label application is done on time and accurately.

As part of Cool Pak’s label program we also offer storage and Just-in-Time delivery of labeled containers. For example, we have one customer with 24 different labels in stock and we offer case and pallet level deliveries on a weekly basis.

Through Cool Pak’s large volume of label purchases, we also offer procurement of labels for our customers’ in-house label application programs. We have been able to save customers 15-35% on many of their label purchases.