Cool Pak, LLC

Inventory Management/JIT Delivery

Cool Pak has recently consolidated four distribution warehouses into a single distribution facility with state of the art amenities. We now utilize over 200,000 square feet of storage capacity complemented by recently upgraded power equipment and delivery trucks.

At Cool Pak we offer full truckload, partial truckload (LTL) or case level deliveries (via UPS) to customers throughout North America as well as Central and South America and Australia. We utilize state-of-the-art SQL-based warehouse management software to track and manage our in-house and customer owned inventory.

Cool Pak takes pride in our Just-in-Time Delivery service with over 80% of all orders being received and sent out for delivery in under 48 hours. The rigorous and often unpredictable needs of the produce industry means Cool Pak’s continual improvement of rapid delivery systems is a primary focus. This dedication to Just-in-Time performance also serves to reduce our customers’ inventory burden and enhance space and process management at their sites.

Cool Pak welcomes the opportunity to have one of our account managers work on an Inventory Management and Just-in-Time delivery program that best meets your particular seasonal inventory needs.