Cool Pak, LLC

Green Packaging

At Cool Pak, we take our impact on the environment very seriously and are continually making improvements to lower the impact of our own operations as well as the operations of our customers and their respective customers throughout the supply chain. Below are just some of the efforts Cool Pak is taking to be more environmentally friendly.

Closed Circuit Thermoforming & Extrusion

Cool-Pak’s manufacturing process is designed with 100% closed circuit thermoforming and extrusion. All of our extruded film is produced in the same facility in which our clamshells are formed. All excess material produced during film extrusion and clamshell manufacture is retained and recycled back into our extruders. This translates into reduced waste from shipping industrial regrind and extruded film across the state or across the country.

Green Product Design

Traditional packaging design rarely considered needs across the entire supply chain and almost never addressed environmental issues. At Cool Pak we have made tremendous strides in recent years to produce containers that drastically increase shipping and packaging efficiencies. By increasing the number of clamshells that can fit on a pallet and in a truck, we reduce the amount of fuel required to deliver fresh produce to the marketplace. In some cases we have been able to reduce waste throughout the supply chain by over 35%.

Our designs address not only the efficiency of a packed clamshell to market, but also on the delivery of clamshells to the grower. Over the past year, Cool Pak has dedicated tremendous resources in designing containers and master shipping cartons that generate an extremely high level of savings during shipment.

Recycled PET

We use both RPET (recycled) and APET (virgin) resin, depending on the regulatory requirements for the food product being packed. Cool Pak has found that the optimum mix to maintain product consistency and clarity is 85% RPET and 15% APET. Nevertheless, we can move to 100% RPET when required for specific customer applications.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) & Other Green Materials

Cool Pak has launched a number of programs for various companies, including Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s, using corn-based PLA material. Both Cool Pak and our customers have had tremendous success using PLA in the right environment. Examples of our use of PLA include converting an Onion processor into 100% PLA material and converting major Brussel Sprout producers into PLA for Wal Mart. Cool Pak is currently in the process of testing several new bio-degradable plastics and will launch these in 2008.

Recycled Materials and Internal Recyling program

All of the corrugated used in our box programs incorporates a high percentage of recycled material, coming in at roughly 70% recycled content. Cool Pak has also implemented our own internal recycling program in which we recycle waste or damaged materials generated in the production process.

Natural Light

Our newly constructed building uses natural light to illuminate 80% of the production and warehouse area as well as intelligently communicating with photo cell driven lighting. Not only does this design reduce power consumption, it also saves several thousand dollars per month in lighting costs.