Cool Pak, LLC

Custom Packaging Solutions

Philosophy: The Cool-Pak Product Development Philosophy is that our success begins with and is sustained by great products.

Cool Pak considers our product design and development process to be one of our core competencies. Failure to treat product development as a core competency runs the risk of developing products that lack compelling differentiation, miss market requirements, are priced out of range of the market, or otherwise fail to satisfy our customers.

Our intense focus on the product development process allows us to dramatically impact product differentiation, quality, time to market, manufacturability, serviceability, cost, and customer satisfaction.

Suppliers, manufacturing partners, and customers play a direct role in the product design and development process. To be a truly effective, Cool Pak engages a variety of cross functional participants from marketing, engineering, cooling, manufacturing, the customer and other key stakeholders. This collective knowledge and expertise gives us access to perspectives critical to a successful design.

Our comprehensive design process includes:

  1. Stakeholder Requirements and Product Specifications Gathering - An initial product need is expressed either from a retailer, a grower, or another interested party in supply chain. Our first step is to gather input from everyone involved, including growers, retailers, box suppliers, and others. From this input we can assemble a set of specifications.
  2. 2D and 3D Modeling Development and Review - We then work with customer CAD designers whom we have contracted to bring those specifications into an initial set of design drawings, assembling all of the elements from our initial research. These drawings include 2D line drawings and 3D renderings.
  3. Prototyping and Testing - When all parties are satisfied that all of the initial specifications have been addressed, Cool-Pak initiates the prototyping process, including test cavities to lab test volume and dimensions, and a temporary mold from which we can form actual PET prototypes for initial field testing.
  4. Production Cavity development and testing - Upon approval of a finalized prototype, a single cavity of production tooling is generated to fully test how the product will form in full production. This allows for final tooling modifications before a full scale production tool is completed.
  5. Production Tooling Development - Once all parties are satisfied that the final prototype as tested will meet their specified needs, then tooling production begins.
  6. Full Scale Production - When the completed tooling is received in house, production then begins. There is a brief startup period while the tool is brought online, then full scale production and delivery to the channel will begin.

Cool Pak welcomes the opportunity to assess your custom product development requirements with a kick-off and assessment meeting. Please contact today for more information.